We're on a mission to forge the material and cultural dimensions of a plastic-free future.

Pillar I:

Regeneration represents the natural evolution beyond sustainability. It calls for new products, supply chains, and business models that actively replenish rather than destroy the planet. Our plastic replacement serves as a case study in regenerative design – it’s a material that gives more than it takes.


Pillar II:

In order to realize the thriving future we believe in, we must all become innovators. Sway bonds science, design, and technology to reimagine plastic, one of the basic building blocks of modern society. With our packaging solution, we make planet-positive consumption possible.

Pillar III: Dependability.

Plastic is a remarkable material. In order to replace it, we are designing a product that does everything petroleum plastic can do — but with added performance characteristics and broader appeal. We practice efficiency and transparency at every step of the process, from the ocean, to the grocery store, to your compost bin.


Pillar IV:

As with many environmental challenges, the harms of plastic waste are felt most strongly among the populations least responsible for it. Too often, climate solutions are built with only the most privileged of us in mind. By replacing everyday plastic packaging, we make regenerative consumption accessible to all consumers, regardless of geography or income.

Our team is building a system that actively heals the planet, with the goal of bringing regeneration into wider practice.

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